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The Ghana Business Summit is a flagship event focused on bringing together top players in business and industry to discuss issues of national importance within the context of national economic transformation. Businesses provide the needed jobs, skills training, skills transfer, innovation, managerial training, products & services , taxes and revenues that are essential to the health of the economy of Ghana. It is in this light that the private sector is often described as the engine of growth in Ghana.

President Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo-Addo in his state of the nation address in 2017 espoused a vision of development beyond aid for Ghana. This reflects the general desire and ambition of the country to consolidate gains in the private sector and to invest into strategic sectors that can leapfrog Ghana's development within a decade. At the centre of this vision is the crucial role of business leaders in mobilising the needed resources through trade and investment in support of the overarching vision of accelerated economic development in Ghana. The Ghana Business Summit provides the high level platform for private sector leaders, government officials and international institutions to dialogue on how to improve the business climate in Ghana through proposals for additional policy and regulatory reforms, improvements in business standards and increased inflow of Foreign Direct Investments (FDI).

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The mission is to bring together government and private sector leaders to discuss and promote business development in Ghana on an annual basis.


The vision is to serve as a high level platform for national dialogue among all relevant stakeholders in Ghana towards improving the business climate and encouraging business growth through prudent management and increased investments.

Thematic Areas

The Ghana Business Forum will be anchored on the ten point agenda for economic transformation as defined by the Government in the blueprint released by the Ministry of Trade and Industry in Ghana *in 2017.

Discussions at the Forum will be situated within this context so that participants can provide feedback to Government of Ghana on ways to improve performance on realising the said business development objectives and in-tracking progress to support the President in *moving Ghana Beyond Aid.

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