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About the 2020 Summit

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About the 2020 Summit

Theme: Impact of Covid-19 on Business Sustainability: A Review of Big Businessess and Start-Ups

The Ghana Business Summit is a flagship event focused on bringing together top players in business and industry to discuss issues of national importance within the context of national economic transformation. Businesses provide the needed jobs, skills training, skills transfer, innovation, managerial training, products & services , taxes and revenues that are essential to the health of the economy of Ghana. It is in this light that the private sector is often described as the engine of growth in Ghana.

The key Stakeholders for the third edition are drawn from both the public and private sector as well as international development institutions. The list comprises the following: Ministry for Business Development,Institute of Directors Ghana, Private Enterprise Federation,Noble International Business School,SBS Swiss Business School,Association Of Young Entrepreneurs Ghana,National Board For Small Scale Industries, Etc


  • To promote open dialogue between relevant stakeholders in the public and private sectors on adopting the right strategies to stimulate post COVID-19 economic recovery in Ghana to ensure a future of hope and shared prosperity for all Ghanaians.
  • To provide enterprise business solutions to Startups/SMEs
  • To provide Startups/SMEs with mentorship and market access
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The 2020 Summit will be organized in the following format to achieve the desired impact:

  • Welcome Address by Organisers
  • Address by the Business Development Minister, Hon. Awal
  • Address by Special Guest of Honour His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo
  • Launch of the Business Summit and Exhibition
  • Video Documentary (15 minutes)
  • Panel Discussion with 5 Reps from amongst the stakeholders
  • B2B Networking Session
  • Ghana Business Awards Night and Dinner